How long should you use a Foot Massager ?

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So far we have been discussing the benefits of using a foot massager, but in order to get those benefits, we must also know how long you should use a foot massager machine. The prolonged use of a foot massager can cause damage instead of helping you and if you do not use it as required it will also be not good.

There is not a defined time that explains how long you should use. Each massager has different functionality. The second thing is the trouble for which you are using

We use a foot massage machine to cure different feet problems. Each problem requires to use foot massager for a certain time period. Here we will be discussing the different situations and how long in this situation we need to use the foot massager.

Arthritis and Gout are very common in old age people. The best foot massager for feet makes it easy to get you relief. Foot massagers stimulate our muscles and improve blood circulation which helps you in getting relaxed. Therefore you should use a Foot massager machine regularly for at least 10 – 15 minutes.

  • Plantar Fasciitis: 

Plantar fasciitis is the condition in which you feel pain in the heel of your feet. This pain occurs from the bone on the heel. The solution to this problem is an intense massage to your feet. So the people having the plantar fasciitis condition should use foot massager twice a day. There are a number of companies in the market manufacturing the best foot massagers for plantar fasciitis, these massagers are designed to provide flexibility to your feet to help you relieve that pain.

  • Flat Feet:

The arch of your feet is basically the shock absorber of your body but when you have flat feet you feel constant and ongoing pain in your feet. Having a foot massage on a regular basis combined with some regular exercise you can help to regain the arches of your feet.

For flat feet, there are some best foot massagers for neuropathy that will help you lessen the complications of flat feet. These foot massagers are the best foot circulation machine and using them on a regular basis will help in improving the blood circulation and give an arch to your feet.

  • Runners:

Professional runners usually do miles long intense running which can tend to cause complications in their muscles. Using a foot massager machine before and after the run can help them in reducing the danger of any complication to their body.

  • Neuropathy

Ideally, a foot massager should be used 20 – 30 min a day, and you can longer that time period if you think it will help you. But you should consult with a medical professional if you are using a massager for Neuropathy. A foot massager will be helpful for you in Neuropathy.

As proper blood circulation is the most important thing in the treatment of neuropathy, the best foot massager for Neuropathy will help in improving your blood circulation and smooth your muscles. You use it at least four times a week

  • Menstruation

The pressure that is provoked during menstruation results in body pain for women. It is observed that different women feel the pain in different parts of there, but many do claim that their feet are also affected at that time.

A foot massager will help in that time in soothing the muscles, relieving the pressure, and provide relaxation to you during your menstruation cycle. The best time to use the foot massager machine would be during your cycle for at least 15 minutes a day.

  • Migraines and headaches:

Getting a foot massager helps in reducing the effects of migraines and headaches as it soothes your muscle and provides you relaxation. The regular massaging of 10- 15 minutes will aids to the nervous system, as a result, it reduces the complications with the headache or Migraine as well.


How long should you use a foot massager? Depends on the condition you are in. The different condition requires you to use the foot massager for a certain period of time. In this article, we have tried to highlight those a condition and the time required to use the foot massager in those conditions.


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