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Frequently asked questions:


  • Do Foot Massagers Really Work?

Yes, a good foot massager can do wonders for your feet. They can help improve the circulation of blood, reduce the soreness in your feet, and relieve you of all the aches and pain that you are facing in your calf, ankle, or heel of your feet. They can also help in getting rid of the pain caused by old scar tissue. For people with flat feet, there are foot massagers that can help in regaining the curve of your feet. You just need to do research before buying a foot massager and go for the one that will be most helpful for you.

  • Do Foot Massagers Improve Circulation?

Heat can make the blood vessels grow bigger that makes the circulation of blood more easily. Foot massagers, especially the one that comes with heating function can help in improving blood circulation. Even though the stimulation of nerve can help in improving the circulation, which a lot of foot massagers can do.

  • How Often Should You Use A Foot Massager?

If you are using a manual foot massager then you can use it several times a day. But you need to be careful with the electric foot massagers. They should not be used for more than 30 minutes a day.

  • Why should I use a foot massager for my feet?

There are a lot of reasons to use foot massagers and these reasons are not limited to just medical aspects only. A good foot massager can help in relaxing you after a long and tiring day. It also boosts up your endorphin which results in providing a sense of relaxation. Furthermore, a foot massager also improves circulation, helps in arthritis, relieves bunion pain, aids people with plantar fasciitis, helps in regaining the curve for flat feet, reduces headaches and migraines, relieves menstrual pain, improves lower back pain, and reduces swollen feet.

  • What are open and closed design foot massagers?

Open-designed foot massagers have a massaging surface that is open and exposed which makes it easy to use and you just have to put your feet in the massager through the open surface. They can easily be used and carried anywhere you want. They are as easy to clean as you can just wipe the surface. The drawback is that they cannot massage your ankle and feet.

Closed design foot massagers have an enclosed surface where you insert your feet. This machine can easily massage your soles, heels, toes, arches, sides, and some even the calves. Due to its closed design, the heat is reached to your entire feet. They are a bit difficult to clean and need more maintenance as compared to the open designed foot massager.


Although there is a lot of foot massager both manual and electronic that offer a different type of foot massages. But we have created a list of the best foot massagers. This list is created on the basis of our experience and user reviews. But before buying a foot massager you must consider the features mentioned in our article so that you can get the best foot massager for heel pain.

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