Can Foot Massagers be used during pregnancy?

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Can Foot Massagers be used during pregnancy?

When you are pregnant you face a lot of body changes. It surely is a beautiful experience but it comes with a lot of challenges also.  You have an added bodyweight inside of you, which can cause walking and doing day-to-day activities a bit difficult. Also, the added pressure on your feet makes them ache, tired and swollen. A good foot massage would be good in that case. But…..

While it sounds tempting you also have to make sure either if it’s safe to have a foot massage while you are pregnant or not. Fortunately, there is no harm in getting a foot massage while pregnant until and unless you are avoiding certain areas of your feet and ankle that can trigger a uterine contraction and cervical ripening.

There are some examples where having foot massage has led to blood clots in the legs of pregnant women which put you more at risk during the time of your pregnancy.

If you are facing redness or swelling on your feet so it will be better if you do not use the foot massager. You must immediately consult with your doctor in that case. Also if you have a history of blood clots then it is advised to refrain from using a foot massager without your doctor’s permission.

But if your doctor has cleared you to get a foot massage then you have a lot of options for the best foot massager machine from which you can choose the best foot massager for your feet while you are pregnant.

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