Are Electric Foot Massagers Good for You?

best foot massager for heel pain
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With the pressure that we put all day on our feet, our feet get tired and stressed. They need to get some relaxation, and that relaxation can easily be provided at home in just 10 – 20 minutes with the help of the best foot massager machine.

Although there is a lot of foot massager both manual and electric, as compared to the manual foot massager electric foot massagers are best foot massager for heel pain as the manual foot massager require you to put some force whereas the electric foot massager does the work on its own.

Electric Foot Massagers

Electric foot massager models have two different functions which are oscillating or back and forth motion, and rolling motion. Most of the electric foot massagers are designed for both feet to get them massaged at the same time. Some electric models are large which can massage the calves as well. If you have foot and ankle issues, a large one would be great for you.

An electric foot massager machine encloses your feet inside it and you get to choose from a range of modes from low to high, the level of intensity of the massager, and then enjoy the massage. There are footpads in an electric foot massager machine that are designed to target your pressure point to release the tension from your muscles. They are the best foot massager for diabetics, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, or heel pain.

The electric foot massagers also have massage rollers in them that move in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions and remove the knots from your feet and soles. The kneading action helps in relieving the tension from your feet and soothe your muscles.

The electric foot massager also has heating options in them and some of them also come with a Jacuzzi so that you can soak your feet and relax. They are ideal in removing the restlessness from your body and reducing your depression and swelling in your feet caused by either diabetes or any other condition.

Japanese Massage Technique

The shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique that is used to heal aches and pain of your heel, provide better blood circulation, and remove tension from your body. There are a number of electric foot massager machine, Miko shiatsu foot massager, that provide the Shiatsu massage in a way that you will that a human hand is giving you the massage. These machines are the best foot circulation machines and are portable in use and are designed specially to provide relaxation to your sore and tired feet.

When you are using a roller or massage ball

When you are using a roller or massage ball you have to put some force and constantly move your feet. But when you use electric foot massager the whole work will be done by the machine itself. They have the pattern of waves built-in them with the functions of kneading, rolling, and pressing that remove the stress from your body. You just have to plug in the machine and relax, the machine will do all the work for you.

That is why an electric foot massager is the best foot massager for heel pain and is essential for you to purchase as per your need. Either you are a runner, diabetic, neuropathy, flat feet, arthritis, or are suffering from any other condition that is causing you pain in your feet. There are a number of electric foot massager machines that can easily cater to your need.

With electric foot massagers, you don’t have to rely on someone else to give massage to your feet. With just a touch of the button, you can just sit back and relax while the massager will do all the work for you.

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